Center for Islamic Sciences

  • The Center for Islamic Sciences (CIS) is dedicated to the promotion of research and diffusion of knowledge on all aspects of Islam. CIS encourages a creative interaction with contemporary natural and human sciences from the Islamic worldview. CIS is committed to establish a renewed and rigorous link with the spiritual and intellectual traditions of Islam and supports activities aimed at enhancing our religious and scientific understanding of nature and the human condition. Its goals and objectives include critical study of the contemporary natural and human sciences from a perspective rooted in, and informed by, the traditional Islamic sciences.
  • In 2001, CIS produced the first web-based database of Major voices in Islam and science.
  • In 2009, CIS initiated an international project to produce the first English-language encyclopedia of the Qur'an by Muslims: Integrated Encyclopedia of the Qur'an (IEQ).
  • The first volume of IEQ was produced in 2013; work on the second volume is in progress.
  • The Integrated Encyclopedia of the Qur'an (IEQ) draws on a wide range of traditional Muslim sources to present all concepts, places, persons, events, and things mentioned in the Qur'an.
  • You are invited to join a global group of 100 individuals and institutions who support this project. By becoming a member of the IEQ-100 group, you will participate in the historic legacy of supporting Islamic scholarship--a legacy that has produced an enchanting and glorious tradition of knowledge that continues to benefit humanity.


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